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Has your dog or cat got lungworm? If you are worried that your beloved pet has caught this possibly fatal disease then look no further for info on the best remedies for lungworm and lung worms in cats.

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Lungworms are contracted by your dog or cat picking up the eggs or larvae from slugs and/or snails that are carriers. The larvae can also be ingested by your pet when drinking from puddles or outdoor water bowls or by picking them up from their garden toys.

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Infection with lungworm can cause serious health problems in dogs and cats and can be fatal if not diagnosed and properly treated.

Also if animals with lungworm are not properly treated then the parasite can be spread into the environment as the larvae is expelled in the dogs feces, thus increasing the chances of other dogs catching this nasty parasite.

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Common symptoms of animals with lungworm are as follows:-

Breathing Problems is your animal coughing or tiring easily?

Poor Blood Clotting is your animal bleeding excessively from minor cuts and scrapes? Are they getting nose bleeds of bleeding into the eye? Is your animal looking anemic, showing paleness around the eyes or gums?

General Sickness Has your animal gone off its food, lost weight or is struggling to keep its food down?

Behavioral Changes Is your animal depressed? Does it always appear to be tired? Has fitting occurred?

There is no current evidence that humans can be infected with lungworm, however it is always best practice to keep your garden and any public area free from dog mess.

Lungworm in cats

Lungworm infestations are common in any countries where 10 to 20 percent of the cat population is infected; this is especially true of rural areas. Lungworms in cats tend not to be a major cause of respiratory problems, however when the cat has a chronic respiratory problem lungworms may well be the cause.

Lungworms are amazingly easy for the domestic cat to get infested with, as they use the common garden slugs and sails as hosts until they reach a suitable animal. Normally, lungworms will end up in a cats system by it eating something that was a host to it. This could be the slug or snail itself, although cats tend not to eat these as they don't taste very nice, or more probably from a bird that has consumed a slug or snail previously hosting lungworm.

Lungworms can be up to 10mm long and they look just like hairs. Lungworms will develop in the tissue of the cats lungs after it has consumed a host or an animal that has eaten a host (such as a bird).

Most cats will not show any signs that they have lungworm, but if they do show any symptoms at all it will normally be a persistent cough. To positively diagnose the presence of lungworm the vet will have to find the coiled shaped microscopic lungworm larvae which are excreted in the cat's feces. Normally cases of lungworm in cats will clear up by themselves in a few months, if they are left alone. But severe lungworm infestations need to be treated by a vet, as this will normally not get any better if left untreated.

The most common type of lungworm found is Aelurostrongylus, which is very wide spread. However, there are other forms of lungworm too, such as Capillaria aerophilia which also looks like a hair but the symptoms are just a occasional wheeze and a cough, this strain is most common in Australia. The strain known as Paragonimus kellicotti can sometimes be found in cats from North America who have caught it from eating larvae carrying crayfish or crabs.

Mild cases of lungworm in cats are nothing to worry about and will clear naturally, however if you are unsure it is best to consult your vet, as the underlying problem could be something worse.

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